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switching power supply

Encapsulated switching power supllies for PCB mount

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ANG company manufactures switching power supplies with universal input range. This supplies has input EMI filter and short-circuit protection. The combination of low ripples, high efficiency, coated, waterproof shell with small dimensions and high reliability makes ANG power supplies preferred by most Internet providers. There are three basic types of power supplies divided by a input voltage: AC40 (25V-70V), AC70 (40V-90V) and AC220 (185V-245V) with different output voltages and currents.
Thanks to the great experience over the years, the company offers consulting and development of new switching power supplies for the needs of the client.

Type AC 40 AC 70 AC 220
Catalogue № DC5/12 DC9/08 DC12/07 DC5/12 DC9/08 DC12/07 DC9/12 DC12/10 DC24/04
Maximum output power 6W 7.2W 8.4W 6W 7.2W 8.4W 10.8W 12W 9.6W
Input Voltage 25V..70V 40V..90V 185V..245V
Frequency (Hz) DC..400Hz
Full load current 440mA(25VAC), 100mA(70VAC) 166mA(40VAC), 84mA(90VAC) 78mA(185VAC), 58mA(245VAC)
No load current 13mA(25VAC), 10mA(70VAC) 8mA(40VAC), 6mA(90VAC)  
Output Voltage 5V 9V 12V 5V 9V 12V 9V 12V 24V
Voltage accuracy ±5%
Maximum current 1.2A 0.8A 0.7A 1.2A 0.8A 0.7A 1.2A 1A 0.4A
Line voltage regulation ±0.5
Load voltage regulation ±1% (20% – 100%)
Minimal load 20%
Ripples <100mV – Vp-p
Efficency (20%÷100% load) 72%..85% 74%..90% 76%..97% 74%..79% 77%..86% 84%..93%      
Safety Short-circuit protection yes
Operating conditions Operating temperature 0oC..70oC
Storage temperature -20oC..90oC
Mechanical parameters Dimensions (mm) 53×44.6×21.7
Weight 80g
Cooling air