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car battery charger

Car battery chargers


ANG company manufactures chargers for lead acid car batteries (6 cells) 12V and (12 cells) 24V. They meet all European standarts and the requirements of major manufacturers of batteries. The ANG chargers are small size and weight, protected against overcharge, short circuit and reverse polarity. The two modes of charge and thermal protection enabled them to maintain a spare battery.

Parameters CHR 12/50 CHR 24/22
Input Input 220V
Frequency 50Hz
Protection internal
Safety clas II
Output Charge voltage 14.5V 28.8V
Maintain voltage 13.8V 27.6V
Maximum voltage 14.5V 28.8V
Maximum current 4.7A 2.2A
Conditions Operating temperature 0о…40оC
Storage temperature -20o…75oC
Mechanical Weight 340g
Cooling air